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Your great talent found using Seahorse Consulting and its innovative human resourses methology as well as technology. Find the right people for you firm and make it thrive the way you want.



Oracle is one of the firms Mrs Sunanda Ladha has worked with. The logo is in white color.
We have worked with Hewlett Packard Enterprises or HP
We have provided HR services to firms like Life's Good or more known as LG. Logo is white png of LG
Sunanda Ladha the founder of Seahorse has previously worked with Infosys and provided her Human Resourses expertises to them. Logo is white in color and a png
Sutherland is a company Sunanda has worked with and provide Human Resourse Services to. Logo is white png
We have provided expertises to Novell in human resourses and provide great human talent and potential
We have worked with firms like Epam and helped them in their hiring process by procuring talent and human potential
Sunanada has worked with Samsung's India Software Operations to provide her recruitment expertises. Logo is white and png
About - seahorse consulting
Great talent helps build great organizations, but finding them can be hard. Since our inception in 2016, we have been in the business of finding great talent for our clients...[read more]

Our Team

Sunanda Ladha, the founder of Seahorse Consulting and a recruitment specialist that has worked with many big firms in IT & ITES, FMCG, Infrastructure and Telecommunications
Senior Recruiter for Seahorse Consulting Mrs Archana Padaki

Sunanda LADHA

An engineer turned Human Resources professional, Sunanda is a result oriented talent acquisition specialist with more than 14 years of industry experience.

Archana padaki

Electronics and communications engineer, Archana has has been part of IT and ITES sector for more than 12 years, and so know what it take to be a part of it.

Seahorse Consutling helping firms find their MVPs or needed talent, as well as, helping employees finding the right firm for them to thrive and excel in

“Bang On! It's a treat to work with them. They understand our business requirements, and supply a commendable turnout of candidates and closures”

Murali Meherwade

Associate Vice President & Regional HR Lead, Mphasis

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